Nail care solution for feet, fungus remover, nail repair

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Type: Cuticle oil / nourishing

Item Type: Nail treatment


Fungus control-our highly effective topical solution has a unique ability to penetrate deep into the skin and stop itching and burning as well as help skin damaged by fungal infections.
TENIA Feet Resistant – Fungal infections on fingers and toes are stubborn, frustrating conditions that affect millions of people.
100% SATISFACTION Guarantee-we stand behind everything we sell.
Easy to use-our effective solution applies easily with the included brush applicator and dries quickly for a mess-free treatment.

Full nail makeup: our natural nail repair pen is formulated with natural ingredients to help strengthen nails and soothe dry cuticles, helping to give your nails a full makeup.
Easy to travel: with its innovative design, the nail pen is simple to use, store and carry.
Gentle solution for nail care: the nail repair pen attacks the core of the problem, while stimulating healthy nail growth.
Easy application-the pen is very easy to use with a brush applicator that helps apply the clear liquid to the affected areas. The solution dries quickly, leaving no mess.


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